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    what the title says! I use accuweather because the UI is simple. Do you guys use other weather apps, or have experience with some weather apps being inaccurate? Let us know
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    I sure like the Weather Channel app. The UI is easy and I really like the animated radar. Much easier to tell if the precip is headed for me.
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    Accuweather for me. I have tried a few others, but didn't like them enough to remember the names :-)
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    Accuweather , easy and pretty.
    The weather channel app only uses the bottom half of the big Pre screen, what a shame...
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    BWeather here.
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    weather channel.
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    I like the mobile website better than any of the weather apps, including their own app, and it doesn't use up any precious app memory.
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    th weather chanesl is the best,fast and reliable
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    Weather Channel
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    I use the "Where" app. I think it is the best and the app has a bunch of other stuff included in the app which means less apps installed overall. Where has a nice UI as well and is quick.
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    weather channel
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    weather channel app.... its faster and more reliable than the others. At least for me it has been anyway
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    Accuweather because of the simple week overview. Weather Channel's animated radar is nice, but living in CA you don't really need to worry about rain (except last week..).
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    I use Where for the written forecasts because the pictographs are ok for getting a quick overview, but don't give the level of detail I want for the weather.

    For radar, I'll use WXRad for a static image or go to one of the big weather sites when I want an animated picture.
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    I finally can haz weather channel, thought it was going to be the first 1
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    The weather channel
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    Accuweather because it offers a 4-day forecast on the opening page. The weather channel app puts the 3-day forecast on another page. If it offered a more complete opening page, I'd probably switch to the Weather Channel app.
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    Weather channel, no annoying ad like accuweather. I like bWeather, already looks like HTC's weather app, should animate the clouds would look better (paid app)
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    Coincidence? I just spent some time evaluating all of the free weather apps to see what I'd keep, then I found this thread. It didn't occur to me to make it a review, so here goes.

    It also just happens there is a very thick local fog bank today, so that will generate a weather alert for any good app.

    AccuWeather: Great graphics, clear weather alert, but radar map very weak, with no options and no zoom. Pop across ad ribbon is easily dismissed. It's a keeper as my preferred weather app.

    bWeather: similar to AccuWeather, but lack of a weather alert makes keeping this not an option.

    FreeWeather: what the ? This is slow, sparsely detailed, map only, and not a good map at that. Deleted.

    The Weather Channel: annoying permanent advertisement ribbon. Cluttered default screen and radar map, but it has zoom and overlay options for satellite and radar. It does have the most complete information, so it's a keeper for the few times I need all that.

    Where, Weather icon: good text info, simple and complete, but no weather alert. A keeper just because of the other Where functionality.
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