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    bWeather or accuweather for me. anything but the weather channel app - it's a disappointment
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    I like the Weatherbug
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    Accuweather...clear simple and gives me the infor I need for a quick check of the different cities I visit.
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    Shoulda set up a poll.

    The Weather Channel. I used to use AccuWeather but find TWC is much better.
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    Accuweather. It has the start page with all the info I really need. A live radar would be nice, but The Weather Channel's app just makes you move around too much to give all the info Accuweather does by default.
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    weather channel for me like the radar better
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    I used Accuweather and it was my favorite until The Weather Channel came out.. To me it is by far the best. i
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    I've tried all the apps and I still just use weather underground dot com. Got a link for my region as a bookmark. One less app to top out my dearer-by-the-day limit. And it's a great site. I don't see the need for a standalone weather app. The web rocks at that kinda stuf, especially weather underground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brandoncjr View Post
    what the title says! I use accuweather because the UI is simple. Do you guys use other weather apps, or have experience with some weather apps being inaccurate? Let us know
    I have tried all of these apps and I dont like any of them. is the most bueatiful animated radar I could find. Check it out and bookmark.
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    tried weather channel, didn't like it, went back to accuweather.
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    AccuWeather for me too. Once you set up your hometown, it goes there automatically when you open the app.
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    I've tried several, but like weather underground the best. I actually use the iphone site: The radar isn't the best, but it's ok.
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    I use because it has the most updated animated radar of any site.
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    weather channel
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    Quote Originally Posted by edlex View Post
    I use because it has the most updated animated radar of any site.
    Yeah, if you're lucky to live in one of the only 6 cities for which it gives forecasts.
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    I like the Weather Channel app as well.
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    I've been using the Accuweather app, but am bothered that I can't leave it running and have it refresh. If I open it on Monday and leave it running overnight, when I go back to the app on Tuesday morning, it's still showing Monday as the current day. I didn't check to see if the weather info was updated or not before I closed and restarted the app. Does anyone else know if this is the case?
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    I use Weather Bug. It was well worth the $1.99.
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    I use Weatherbug as well. I hated the UI and buggy behavior of the other apps.
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