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    I just read
    Deaf users sound off on Sidekick outage | Beyond Binary - CNET News

    This is really the worst nightmare a cellphone and service provider can imagine. We are still reading new articles about it so many weeks after it happened.

    The severity and length of the problem is spelling the end of Sidekicks. Microsoft may be able to keep the whole thing alive for longer, but I think it would be wise for Microsoft to rebrand the service and device even if they want to keep it.

    So I wonder how many Sidekick users would move to Pre? I see one problem is keyboard.
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    I am a former sidekick user, myself, and I switched over after the whole contacts fiasco started. I'm certainly not the stereotypical sidekick user (I was just on it because it was cheap under pre-paid).

    To address your question about the keyboard, the spacing isn't as nice as the Sidekick, but the keys actually feel very similar since they are the same style.
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    Knowing only the basics of the situation I would wager very few. Put yourself in their situation. Would you rather switch to a new platform and device or switch to a more mature and 'safe' option?
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    The very typical typical sidekick user would not get a Pre..and i know quite a few of them. The Pre's keyboard is one of the gripes and the battery wouldn't last as long plus i don't think the Pre hardware could withstand all the abuse i see sidekicks go through.
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    Well, Sprint is getting 2 sidekick users, but not the Pre. Both of my kids have the sidekick and Tmobile has agreed to waive the ETF. They are going to Sprint and my son is getting the HEro and my Daughter something else. The Pre appeals to them, but they are BRUTAL on phones and I don't think it can take the abuse they dish out. the hinge held up, but they have been dropped, banged, scratched and more. I just don't think the Pre can take that. I love mine, but I'm a little more responsible. Oh, I just put the double hex on me...

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