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    Hey Folks,

    I have an 1st gen iPhone with a real bad camera when shooting NEAR photos.

    The next phone I bought after the iPhone was a Touch Pro. That one has a 3 Megapixel AUTOFOCUS-cam.

    The Problem I have is that I have to take a lot of CLOSE photos, from Serial-Numbers on packages and so on. I couldn't get any sharp picture with the Pre.
    It takes great Photos on daylight from anything that's more away than about 1 meter, but when I have to take photos from a distance about 10-25 cm it totallly sucks. Or am I doing something wrong?

    Wasn't the Pre announced to have an autofocus-camera when it was presented about half a year ago?
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    No, it's not auto focus, it's fixed focus. There was an article here on PreCentral recently about how to do a mod that would give macro-like abilities using a DVD/CD lens. You might find that of interest:

    Sorry, not having much luck linking it. Do a search on DYI macro and dvd
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    This is one of the few areas where I feel like I downgraded because my Touch Pro 2 had an awesome auto focus camera that was able to take close up pics right out of the box.
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    There are lens adapters (of different focal lengths) made for iPhones that magnetically hold onto the ring around the phone's lens. I wonder if those would fit the Pre's lens? You may want to try those.
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    OK, thank you all for your replies. This is really disappointing.

    I use it as a business-device and so I used my old phone to take pictures of the devices I sold to customers when being on-site so that I can write the serial-number on the billing. Now I have to write it down. :-(

    So I have to live with it if I don't have the time to tinker.

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