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    title says it all. After the google search "update", the only option to search now is for web. Images, local, and news aren't there any more. What gives?
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    I have no idea. It is so annoying!
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    I agree. If you go to the bottom of the google search page, you can go to the classic version of google search (the phone defaults to the mobile version) and those options will all be there at the top of the page.

    It is an annoying extra step though...
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    If you just go to google from the browser the options are still there in the mobile version, but if you google from universal search they are not. Weird.

    I notice that when you google from universal search the url has "search?client=ms-palm-webOS" in it. When you just go directly to google it doesn't.
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    I noticed that too... kind of annoying... maybe change the google search string in the universal search (modify files/patch)
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    super annoying...anyone working on a patch for this
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    I agree, it is annoying.
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    Very much annoying, sometimes I like to do a google image search, not as easy right now in its current form.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Very much annoying, sometimes I like to do a google image search, not as easy right now in its current form.
    I do an image search at least as often as a web search on the phone.
    I'm gonna have to dig in and see if I can't change the universal search drop the client string.
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    not sure why, but I still have images and news as searchable options...they are in blue at the top....
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    used to use local all the time. Its now gone and is also annoying to me.
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    google changed their mobile page address. There is a problem because the code in the universal search sends the search string to the old google url. Palm or a patch needs to address this issue.

    to see what I mean search for something by universal search and then from
    you will notice that they now go to different urls
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    fixed it on my end......

    mount -o remount,rw /

    1. Edit the following file: /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/global-search-assistant.jsjsjs

    2. Find this code and modify it as such (be sure to use the correct search link):

    this.URLs = {
    'reddit': $L(""),
    'twitter': $L("")


    3. and modify it as such.....

    this.URLs = {
    'reddit': $L(""),
    'twitter': $L("")


    4. mount -o remount,ro /

    5. reboot

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