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    Ok first off this phone is great, this is a replacement for a Pre that was having the headset issue. Obviously in obtaining this phone I got my contacts and that was it, come on, cant we get a complete back up of everything.

    Now the issue.

    I have re loaded preware 9.4 and package manager, some of the tweaks work like hiding apps, square the screen, but some apps like 4x4 icons, led, keyboard give me an IPKG error? Now last time I looked there was and emergency patch repair in pre ware with the ambulance icon, but now does not seem to be there. I even doctored my new phone thinking maybe it was a reapired phone and had some old garbage on it. Im sure it's a simple issue since it all worked great on my old phone. I have been reading threads all morning and I'm about to give up so any help to save my sanity would be greatly appreciated.

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    You make sure the PW and all of that was the most up to date one?
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    as far as I can tell everything is, on my previous phone everything was fine, its so weird that some work, others dont, thats why i'm thinking it may just be a small program somewhere that i need, or a version update. I will check them again.

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    You might also check the OS version on your replacement.
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    Got it to work..

    It was the OS version on the phone, came as 1.0, updated it and everything works great again. Ahhh the freedom to tweak.

    Thanks for the replies guys.. Knew it was something simple.


    Maybe this will help others

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