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    Alright hi guys i'm new here but lets save that for later i have a big problem. I got preware last night and it was great. I installed some themes and the virtual keyboard and it worked great. I download the iphone theme however and now i have a problem. I couldn't remove it from preware so i deleted the app of my phone to see if it would come off, nope. Went and did The reset where you hold the powerswitch and click the mute button 3 times, nope. Did a partial reset, nope. Did a FULL reset, nope. Called sprint to see if they could do anything, nope. Called palm to see if they could do anything. They are supposed to call me back today or tomorrow with some higher class palm people there and see if they can give us instructions on how to fix this. But i'd like help anytime right now, because now all of a sudden WebOs doctor doesn't recognize the phone no matter what i do, same with WebOs quick install. But the computer recognizes it and can open the pre's files but i can't find the file for the theme, i found the virtual keyboard and erased that. That came off but the iphone theme didn't. So right now i'm stuck with an iphone theme that i don't like and can't change back. I need help BADLY
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You can always webos Dr. it goto this link
    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals to download the 1.2.1 version.
    this will do a full reset and restore everything to original state

    first you will need to put the phone in dev mode. You can either install the dev mode app via preware or type "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" and then reset the phone. Next plug it into you computer and run the WebOs Doctor and you should be fine
    Good Luck
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    also if webos dr still is not recognizing the phone try this and follow the steps exactly:

    1) Remove the battery
    2) Press and hold the volume up button (with the battery out)
    3) Plug the USB charging cable into the wall charger, and insert the USB cable into the Pre.(you will see a picture of a battery and a question mark at this point)
    4) Insert the battery.
    5) Release the volume up button.

    Now Webos Dr. should recognize the Pre
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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I got it finally wiped out. I didn't have it in developer mode. The guy at palm didn't even tell me that!!! Thanks a bunch!!!
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    anytime glad to see it worked out!
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    downloaded preware but cant find it on my device
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    Don't forget with themes, you have to remove your current one before you install a new one. If you do not uninstall the current one it can leave pieces of itself behind.

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