is it just me, or are the pre apps expensive? just to give an example, the college football superfan app is 4.99. I did a simple search in itunes for college football and did not find 1 more than 3.99, most were free or 0.99 cents. I understand the argument that there are more iphone users so developer can charge less and make money because of the user base. But for palm trying to build up their user base, it's a hard sell when you can buy the same or similar apps on the iphone for much cheaper on average. The pre does have Sprint's cheap plans going for it right now, but what happens when it goes to verizon, what about international users?? Yes, I know the argument that if I don't like it I don't buy it, and I understand that if the apps don't sell, developers will eventually lower their price. I also don't mind paying for quality apps, like over $15-20 for something like the tethering app (I have in the past with a windows mobile phone and usbmodem) but I'm afraid there is a precedent being set right now...expensive apps that seem to provide less functionality than the iphone counterparts. I know it's not palms place to step in, but there should be some kind of recommended guidance for how much the apps should sell for.