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    Quote Originally Posted by mobius42 View Post
    You can dismiss the alarm notification by swiping it off the screen like any other notification. The alarm will still be set.
    Holy crap I cant believe I never tried that thanks for the tip, it was annoying me too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbaldaro View Post
    They (unsurprisingly) could not get it working and all sulked off muttering something about the iPhone

    I think that it was more to do with the handling and grief that handsets get instore. Normal use is fine. I am not rebooting my Pre anywhere near as often as my old WinMo HTC.Normal use is fine. Several apps have leaks - which should be fixed in upcoming patches.
    It's funny I should be reading this today as I just got back from the Sprint store. While I was there I figured I'd check out the Hero for a comparison. I didn't like the onscreen keyboard at all. I couldn't type for crap on it, kept hitting the all the wrong keys. Anyway, I also noticed it seemed incredibly laggy and mentioned it to the sales person. She said "It's probably not the phone because she's seen it work faster than that. She said that so many people play with these phones and download miscellaneous crap on to them you never know what's on there. Potential customers really do abuse these things and I wouldn't be surprised if some download potentially harmful to performance stuff.
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