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    I was about to watch a video on youtube and when it was about to play, the entire screen turned bright green. I was able to see through it a little bit, so it wasnt the video. I turned off the phone and when I turned it back on, it was okay, and has been okay since. But has this happened to anyone else, or is it a known issue?
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    it happened to me yesterday, maybe a bug but i was so fkng scared.
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    Happend to me too this week
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    Yeah, it happened to me once when I was watching a cast on drPodder and I almost had a heart attack, especially since it wasn't only green, but with lines in it, like the screen had been cracked inside. I think it was a bizarre mix of card switching or screen locking. Hasn't happened in a couple of weeks, though.
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    thanks for the replies...i was scared as hell though

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