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    This is the error message that I get when I hang up each and every phone call I am on. There's some error code that I haven't bothered to write down, and a prompt to call Sprint for assistance.

    The problem? This dead data period is short-lived, and seconds after the call has ended data is back. As far as I can tell, this "error" is simply caused by the phone not being able to simultaneously handle voice and data.

    I'm guessing this notification is a feature of one of WebOS's latest updates. I liked it nuch better when the phone would act as if nothing was different should I have no data, particularly when these dataless periods aren't dataless periods at all.

    in short, any way to shut off this annoying notification?
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    My Wife and I get this occasionally after 1.2. Not sure why. I did a network update on my Pre and it seems to have disappeared (for now).
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    I just started getting the error too.
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    I'm getting this error at random intervals as well. I'll try to update the phone network settings and see what happens. Anybody have any other ideas?
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    Me too! I mean data still seems to work just fine after the message. I normally get this when Im at home on my airave.
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    Yeah me 2 i get this message every now and then but its weird it comes up and leaves cause it establishes a connection, i thought it was cause i put in that full throttle patch!
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    So I updated my network settings and PRL (surprisingly sprint actually had a new prl out) yesterday. I'll keep an eye on it but so far I haven't seen the error come back up.
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    Same problem here, annoying. OH! and 1.2.1 is available again. UGH
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    I started having network connection problems where the EV box would go away, after I installed "Preware"
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    Quote Originally Posted by hough77 View Post
    I started having network connection problems where the EV box would go away, after I installed "Preware"
    Me too...but it seems to come back after a few seconds/ minutes along with the signal strength indicator.

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