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    Hey there,

    Has anyone had issues with intermittent email access? I have my gmail account set up, and everything is more or less fine, except I haven't received any email on my pre in 2 days.

    I've restarted, I've re-entered my password, and I've refreshed my inbox, all to no avail. I'm always hesitant to do a partial erase just because don't feel I should have to go through the headache when I haven't made any changes.

    Also, in a maybe related note, an issue I've been having with contacts for what seems like forever, I often get the "Invalid Login credentials - please reenter your password" message. It seems like it happens when I move in and out of coverage areas, though I'm not entirely sure. I've gone through all available reset options to try to resolve this one, to no avail.

    I love the pre, and have been a dedicated palm user for about 8 years now, this is my 4th palm device. I just wish I could resolve these issues.

    I throw up my hands to the community in hopes for any suggestions.

    Thank you all in advance.
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    I#m not sure if i could help you, but I self had problems with my google mail account. I could only solve this triuble by updating my PRE to the Version 1.1.3.
    The next thing I have to tell is, that my PRE is one out of germany. So there might be not the same like ours.

    I hope I could help you anyway.

    Best regards.
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    Lately I have been experiencing the same "reenter contacts password" thing but when I do it says invalide email or password. Anybody have a fix?

    BTW I have deleted and reentered the gmail contact info and after a few tries it syncs but it's a pita to have to do that all the time. Oh and my default contacts is Palm, should it be google?
    FYI: My Pre is as plain vanilla as the day it came out of the box...

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