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    Yeah but WHEN is it coming?!! I already have yahoo messenger by adding the org.webosinternals.messaging_1.0.3_armv7.ipk to webOSQuickInstall do a google search for the ipk. the yahoo works great, but I do want the video camera from agile
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    What about these guys?

    Imo is a web instant messenger that helps you IM, voice chat, and video conference using multiple instant messaging protocols.
    Imo is free and requires no sign up.
    MSN Yahoo
    AIM / ICQ Google Talk
    MySpace Skype

    (see the last 2) They just released an iphone app. I've been buzzing them for a webos app.

    They have a blog here Blog and you can request a webos app here... or send them an email at ...
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    i doubt it takes over 3 months to develop this app. i wish palringo was available for the pixi & pre.
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    I keep wondering myself where these apps are. Mundu was supposedly working on one as well...
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    cant believe 6 months after pre release still no 3rd party IM program? I mean IM'ing is very common in 2009, and certainly will be in a couple days in 2010!!!

    I just dont like the way the stand Pre instant messenger is integrated in the the SMS system
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    i thought we would have MSN at least.
    yeah, that's all what I need too!!!... I was using the plug in but the new update break it!
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    Agile mobile has had the coming up soon thing up for a while now. Like a couple months. Just an FYI. Hope it truely DOES come soon though. As in the next week.
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    I hope so too, honestly, i just need MSN, thats it :3
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    I think agilemobile and was waiting for the CES 2010 and the new updates to release them apps... waiting, waiting!!!
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