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    Is there a fix for the pdf rendering issue on the pre? Everytime I open an email from work for tomorrow's schedule it gives me an error "document rendering failed" and I cannot view the email.

    Apparently it comes down to what version of adobe they're using to create the pdf. Is there a solution? Is there a homebrew app? Is there anyway to view my pdf attachments on the pre?

    WOuld be willing to donate for a fix!

    Thanks in advance
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    +1...I am unable to open pdf's from work and it is aggravating since it is my schedule. Palm please fix...

    Then again, palm is too busy fixing itunes nonsense. •sigh•
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    Has anyone been able to fix this? It'd be really great if the PDF viewer would actually open PDF files and all...
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    I too have he smae issue for around half the PDF's that I need to work
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    Does anyone know how I can open PDF attachments sent from my office, such as travel arrangements? Thank you!
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    EVO, Epic, Droids, etc...
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    This is really frustrating. Why doesnt Palm whip out a quick update to fix this bug? I am a new Pre plus user but things like this will deter any future buyers and push them towards an iPhone or an Android devide. This kind of attitude will cost Palm some new potential buyers

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