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    I've been researching the Pre in anticipation of getting one when I qualify for the upgrade pricing in November. During that research I've spoken with no less than 14 people who have made the same move during the last month or so and I think I see a pattern:

    It seems like everyone who paid the standard price and got their phone from a Sprint store or through the official Sprint website got a keeper the first time, but the people who got the budget deals from Best Buy weren't always so lucky. This leads me to believe that Best Buy may have made a massive purchase of the earliest production runs and are still selling that inventory while the Sprint stores are selling newer stock.

    I need to stress that this is purely a guess based on my discussion with only 14 new Pre owners, but I can't help but think I'm on to something. That said, I still haven't made up my mind who I'll be buying my new Pre from.

    you can check the build date on the pre just type ##786# (##run#) into the dial pad on the phone of the pre and it opens a card that tells u the build date. mine for example is 7/8/2009. i got it at the beginning of august.
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    sorry to disapoint your theory but sprint store stock is no better. Had 3 from them all with oreo. Got the 99 deal at best buy, still has oreo but but not as bad as the others
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    I have seen it on brand new Pres built in mid September; that's the latest build date I have come across.
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    I had pre w/ oreo+gap first... Got it 6 days after launch day.
    Then I exchanged it a month ago (I complained to Sprint on the phone a lot)... and I get a refurb that has the oreo..

    I'm so about to call back and try and get one that's perfect, but the chances seem low if they keep giving me refurbs... it's quite a hassle.
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    I just got back from Sprint with a Pre. Build date is 10/7/09. It came with webOS 1.1 and is updating now. No wobble (less than 1mm, what I would consider necessary). No dead/stuck pixels. No screen discoloration or uneven backlight. No keyboard creaking or uneven backlight. No screen or case cracks.

    The in-store demo units were in rough shape, but those have been there since launch. All-in-all, I say I got one of those "mythical" perfect Pre's.
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