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    I brought back my Pre again because the external speaker crapped the bed AGAIN. I don't know why I keep putting up with this mess........oh yeah, cuz I really love how the phone works and does its thing.

    I'm curious about the Hero but would probably not jump ship for one. I'm so used to the Pre and its gestures and multi-tasking that I'm not ready to give up on it just yet.

    Anyone else have external speaker woes?
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    my speakers fine. i wonder why peoples keep breaking. do u always have the sound all the way up? play music loud thru it or anything?
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    I just got my third one today...both previous returned for bad speakerphone...this will be the last one before jumping ship!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rajun asian View Post
    I really love how the phone works and does its thing.
    It's not love, it's lust!
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    My previous phones external speaker died. My suggestion to you is to never turn the volume all the way up, I've noticed that voice mail will actually break up a bit when all the way up, which can damage the speaker.
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    I am about to get my 2nd due to speaker not working. I had Nextel before and the speakers never crapped out, ringers much much louder.
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    actually on my 5th. if u work around metal it can damage the speaker thru the holes in the back. take the back off and check. u might want to invest in an aquapac 2 keep it safe from water and metal
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    Thanks for the feedback folks. I DO work around metal. I'm a welder and I was wondering if the high freq on the machine could do damage to the speaker. I don't get any metal dust inside the back through the speaker holes because I keep it in the Palm slip case. I'm gonna start carrying it in my front pants pocket instead of carrying it in my front shirt pocket. Maybe that'll help. *fingers crossed*

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