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    Hello everybody,

    I have a Pre and I love it. Because I loved mine so much, my wife decided that she wanted one- and we bought her one.

    The day after we bought it, she started having problems. When she would go to disconnect after a phone call, her screen would flicker in and out.

    I know the phone blacks out when you are holding it up to your face DURING a call, but it would continue to to this after she pulled it away from her face and would not let her hang up the call or do anything else.

    We were able to return that phone to the store and exchange it for a new one. That phone worked just fine for about three weeks, but for the last week, she has been having the same problem again. The phone has not been dropped or damaged in any way. It is just acting up.

    Like I said before, I have my own Pre, and I know a couple other people who have them as well. Nobody has even seen anything similar. All the Pre's that people I know have the Zagg invisi-shield installed on them. So, since it os just my wife's phone I don't think this is the problem.

    Has anybody else seen or experienced a similar problem? Were you able to find the cause and fix the problem? Any help here would be appreciated.
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    They both sound like proximity sensor issues. I have to be honest, I don't exactly know how the proximity sensor works but could this potentially be makeup that is being transferred from her face to the phone while she is on a call? Or something else? Where does she keep the phone when not in use?

    Just seems kind of strange, but there have been other people who have failed proximity sensors as well. It could just be bad luck that she drew two phones with bad sensors.
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    Also, though I use the Invisible Sheild on my phone just fine, some have reported it makes the phone do just what you are talking about.

    try taking the IS off (know it sucks to pay for it and then have to buy another), then reboot the Pre. See if without the IS it is still doing that blinking. For some reason (just like all manufacturing processes) the proximity sensor on your wifes phone might not be as tolerant as yours.

    ^^Or even like the post idea is definitely worth checking out. Try cleaning the phone, and then you test it out for a day and see if it still does the blinking. (I am assuming your are not wearing If it still does the blinking, then I would definitely take off the IS.
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    The other possibility is that she may be holding the phone in such a way as to just slightly be covering the proximity sensor. The sensor is located in the upper right, just to the right of the ear piece. You can see it through the black plastic if you look carefully in bright light (there are two sensors there, one the proximity sensor, the other a light sensor). The proximity sensor is quite sensitive--sometimes I activate it accidentally when dialing if I come at the phone from the upper right rather than from down below.

    In other words, once you know where the sensor is and you can play with it, you may be able to figure out what is activating it. Some people have reported that the screen cover that comes with the phone will activate it. So you never know. Note: best way to experiment is to call your voicemail--it won't do anything while you're not in a call.
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    My wife had the same problem with her Pre. The cause was the plastic screen protector that came on the phone. When the screen would black out, she could peel the plastic back and it worked fine. This seemed to only occur when she attempted to use the keypad. Maybe some proximity sensors are more sensitive. I have an Invisible Shield on the front and back of mine and have had no issues myself. Hope that helps. Hate to hear that anyone is having problems, as I love this phone and everything it does and with the SDK being opened I expect many great apps to be developed.

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