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    Quote Originally Posted by kristoffer10 View Post
    I can't get this to work. The only thing I can do is take out a word, but I cannot edit or create my own shortcut. I have tried through usb and through the app itself and it will not change. I also am unable to quick boot, when I select activate changes, it gives the option to reboot, I select yes and it doesn't even reset, it just sits there as if I never made a command. Any suggestions?

    Also, I reset the phone manually after I made the "supposed" changes and still nothing. As usual, looking for help and hoping for a response, even though that can be far fetched around here....
    I couldn't change the short cuts with the program ether. However, in USB mode I was able to get into directly into Auto-Correct file (not the .txt one, bigger one - without extension) there I put all my changes. and they worked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    I constantly use it for text messaging. To get started, I used constant phrases like:
    omw= on my way; rl= running late; awrt= are we riding together (I carpool); ih= I'm hear;
    Do you mean "I'm here"?
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    I just installed the demo, added a shortcut, selected Activate Changes, received a request to Execute Quick Reboot, selected OK and nothing happens (no reboot and shortcut is not working). Any help appreciated.
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    I cannot locate the Auto-Correct file on my Pre when connected as a usb. I would appreciate it if you would tell me where it may be.
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    Is there no possibility of using shortcuts to enter passwords--can this be a tweak or a patch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smaustin33 View Post
    Is there no possibility of using shortcuts to enter passwords--can this be a tweak or a patch?
    This is a limitation (or more precisely, a feature) of WebOS. Fields in WebOS can be defined to allow/restrict autocorrection. That's why you can't use autocorrection in fields like the Address field when editing a contact (I'd like to use it for cities, for example).

    Passwords are fields that, I believe, are restricted from autocorrection by default, and probably for good reason, as accidents can occur when autocorrection occurs upon typing certain delimiters (like commas, since commas are often a valid character for passwords).
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    I havent used this... personally... it seems a lot faster to me to simply edit the autoreplace file itself. Mine has nearly 30,000 entries.... if I had had to add them using this, it would have taken way too long.
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