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    Found an interesting video on youtube about the German released pre. Sounds like the guys says trackball a lot. In any case the real interesting part is how he uses the trackball for copy/paste instead of the gesture area. I wonder what other functions are on that phone.

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    around the 2:20 mark he demos the copy/paste fuction
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    I think this guy has no inkling of the palm pre. He did not even notice that the middle butten is a button not a Trackball .
    He is the first Person I've heard talking bad about the pre.
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    am i the only one who thinks he sounds really creepy?
    like, watching behind a window creepy
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    This guy says he's a tech expert ("Hardcore-Techie *sigh*). Yet he should RTFM. K - neither did I
    Got my german Pre yesterday and figured out how to properly select text within a few minutes.
    I agree that it is very unreliable trying to pick directly. Using the keyboard buttons it is working reasonably well.

    I hope such bs micro-reviews won't hurt sales here. I'm glad his online mag isn't reknown for the great technical knowledge.

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