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    First, I did a search and found a thread that could have helped if 90% of it wasn't flaming on the guy. Didn't really find a answer so here we go again.

    My wife's Pre will not display any of her test message history. She has to search for a person's name for the history to show up. The big issue is that if she swipes the notification and forgets who it is from she has no way to see what text was new.

    I know this is a known issue and doesn't appear to be linked to any patches or homebrew. It appears to be linked to having a certain amount of text messages or lots in one thread or messages. She does TXT A LOT!

    Anyway, the only answer I have seen in to do a partial erase. Is there any other way to fix this?

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    I had the same problem and only fixed it with partial erase.
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    Thanks for the reply. If I remember correctly the partial erase is fairly invasive. I had to do it to my Pre when it would not find the first update.
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    There are three options.

    1. Partial erase. This one is kind of a pain and sometimes doesn't work on phones that have been "rooted"

    2. Delete each contact that is affected and re-add them.

    3. Create a contact with nothing but a name. Link that contact to an affected contact, unlink, and so on with all of the affected contacts.

    Number three was what I did, but in my case it only affected 5 contacts. If it's affecting a lot, number 1 will probably take the least amount of time.

    And also make sure your wife is aware that deleting entire conversations at once is what caused this issue.
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    Does a partial erase erase SMS messages that are still there?

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