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    Has anyone added this? I added the patch from filecoaster and preware....when I am at work in a kitchen surrounded by metal, i was goin in and out of service could never get on the internet, and my battery would be down to 20% if not worse after my 8 hour shift......since installing these, I am coming home with 50-70% battery life left, I am not dropping calls and I can surf the net, I love all the patches and tweaks but I would get rid of them all for this one. It is by far the most useful and I wanna thank whoever made it!!! Is anyone else gettin similar results? Luckily my plan has free roaming so whoever doesn't have this obvs wouldn't wanna add this patch....
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    from what I understand, its free voice roaming, not data roaming. I would not keep this on when you don't need it. Apparently your contract could be cancelled if you're roaming too much.
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    hmm really? that is ridiculas....i'll have to look into that. Maybe i can just turn it on when I am at work
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    I have it ..and use it daily.. I have my phone on roam almost all day every day... I verified with sprint . that data is also free roaming(not just calls).. so whoever is in the US and had an everything data plan .. u should be good to go on this.. it really does save A LOT of battery life !
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    I'll second this as well. My signal at home was always bouncing up and down and the battery drain was pretty dramatic. Calls were dropping all the time as well. Not good considering I work from home most days. After getting the roam only tweak my battery has not been below 50% (I stick it on the charger every night) and not a single call has dropped. If I'm going to be out of the house for a while I just switch it back to auto. No big deal.

    It's a must try if you're having signal/battery issues.
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    um ok.. sounds great.. and where do you get the patch from?
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    Preware or Filecoaster....Homebrew apps....
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    same for me. It was the difference between returning the phone because of battery/signal issues and being really happy with it. Get it!
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    Huge difference for me, my battery life has been improved significantly. Before the patch after 5 hours of light use my battery would be down to 30% now in the same time frame battery will be around 85%.

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