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    Quote Originally Posted by phlegm View Post

    Just checked my backup today, and it hasn't automatically backed up in several days. I already disabled/re-enabled auto backups awhile back, thinking it would solve the problem.

    Has anyone else reset their backup, only to have it stop again?!

    One theory I have is data connection vs wi-fi. I leave my phone on wi-fi most of the time, so I wonder if auto-backups are looking for a data connection only? Just a thought.
    GREAT theory! I usually leave WiFi on but I've had it off for a couple of days. Ironically, my last automatic backup was stamped a couple of days ago.

    I just reset my backup (and I'll be leaving WiFi on now.) - Thanks!
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    just checking in, but mine's working fine
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    Thanks for the heads up. My last backup was 9/28/2009. Wonder what the issue is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by phlegm View Post
    Has anyone else reset their backup, only to have it stop again?!

    Quote Originally Posted by phlegm View Post
    One theory I have is data connection vs wi-fi.
    I never touch wi-fi. I do install some patches and homebrew so I'm not sure if anything there could be affecting it.
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    Hmmm, so my wi-fi vs. data theory is shot. Thanks for confirming Trekker.

    I have patches installed too, but I think there are some virgin phones out there that are not automatically backing up.

    Maybe a 1.2.1 thing?

    For now I'm just going to manually check it every once in awhile.
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    Seems to be working again. Mine backed up last night. Anyone else?
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    Backup working again as of Tuesday. I have no idea why...I haven't made any app or patch changes.
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    I have patches and tweaks and mine wasnt backed up since 9/27/09. I turned it off and erased data and then turned it on and did a reset, no I hit back up now and it is sitting at "preparing" for quite a while?? I will leave it alone to do its thing maybe assuming it has a lot of changes since i did an erase but I hope it backs up at all now.

    Edit: It backed up succesfully so we shall see if it continues to do so on its own.
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    My auto-backup is not working.

    On the 15th, I read the article and noticed that no backup had been made since I had manually backuped up before upgrading to 1.2.1.

    Now I check back and the last backup was my manual backuop from 10/15/09. I did cycle the autobackup off, restarted the Pre then went back into Backup and turned auto-backup back on and restarted the Pre.

    No automatic backups here.

    - Craig
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