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    This goes against the rules of the forum and most of what I get frustrated seeing, but it appears that not a lot of people viewed my original thread in the tips forum. It also seems like people are having issues with the specific item I was trying to help avoid so I figured I would direct them to my original post and post another thread in the Palm Pre forum.

    Basically, if you are going to exchange a phone and run into your contacts not coming back, follow this tip:

    Hopefully this can prevent further people from having problems.
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    Or better yet ... use Google Contacts and Calendar.
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    Definitely all for that. My issue was actually related to my contacts not coming back from my exchange server. Now, I couldn't have deleted the contacts from my exchange server by overwriting the backup data (like you can with the Palm Profile) but I see your point. Better to have them in multiple places.
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    Embrace the cloud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by special_k View Post
    Embrace the cloud.
    I might suggest embracing multiple clouds. That way there isn't another sidekick situation.
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    I don't think it can hurt to bump this thread since I am still seeing people lose their contacts when they get a replacement phone. Hopefully this can prevent a few cases. The following is the link in the first post.

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