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    Please please help....

    Everytime I try and open a pdf from my email i click the link it automatically downloads... then I click again and it opens the pdf viewer and then a few secondfs later I get "!!!Error!!! Render document failed - pdf view has encountered an error. We apologize for the inconvenience"

    Does anyone please know a fix/patch or other way to get this to work. I have tried downloading the pdf directly from web based emails - no luck.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have the same problem - any ideas?
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    its certain pdf's. Try a large number of different ones. The pdf viewer app is crappy and they need to fix it. It seems like I can open 2 out of 5 generally. You could be talking about something else, but every complaint I see about pdfs is the same
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    Agreed. Same problem here, but only on certain pdf's. For me it seems to happen on very large ones.
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    It happens on PDF's with password protection too
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    Anyone want to develop a program that will actually work? None of my PDF's open.

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