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    In the last few weeks, I've been wondering about my GPS. I have Workout Tracker - Trial installed on my phone and it used to work really well, but lately it doesn't seem to pick up the GPS. Then the other day, I was out on a run and wanted to know how far from home I was so, I tried using the phones Navigation and it kept loosing signal. Then several times over the past few days, I've tried pulling up Google Maps and it either says location unavailable or it gives me a location over a half mile away from where I am.

    For what it is worth, I've tried these indoors and out and when outside there hasn't been many clouds in the sky!

    Any ideas? I'm ready to visit the WebOS Doctor and give that a shot, but don't want to until I've run this past everyone....
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    I'm having an issue with GPS as well. It worked great when I first got the phone but yesterday on a drive it didn't have a clue where I was even when placed next to the window. The only thing that I can think of that has changed is my Seidio case and the WebOS 1.2 update.
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    I had been able to successfully use Sprint Nav after webOS 1.2 update. However, I have had problems over the past week. I am receiving a consistent message when going into Sprint Nav: GPS Location Unavailable
    A critical error occurred when trying to get a GPS fix. Your exact location will not be known, and you will not be able to use Sprint Navigation's turn-by-turn GPS navigation features.

    I had tried everything from shutting down, restart; shut-down and remove battery; partial erase. No dice.

    UPDATE - Just got finished with Palm's support online chat. I had not found something previously under location services with webOS 1.2. under preferences (drop down menu), Locate Me Using... the tech had me uncheck GPS, as well as turn off the switch for Auto Locate on the main screen. Turning this off (only thing I was doing differently was unchecking the GPS in the drop down menu) and turning it back on brought me back online....

    Can't explain why a reboot, power down, or partial erase didn't achieve the same good result, but turning off location services along with unchecking GPS in the drop down, then turning those settings back on, did the trick. Sprint Nav is back in business.
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    Every now and then the GPS receiver will not work for me as well. Another member posted a little tip that has worked to 'wake it up' everytime I've tried so far.

    Go to Device Info > More Info > Preferences > Interactive Tests > Global Positioning Services. After the test runs, the GPS should now work. Good luck!
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    I also have mixed results with the GPS. Sometimes it shows me in the correct location other times it is off by up to several miles, which stinks because that makes pretty unreliable.

    Does the GPS test in Device Info (More Info | Preferences | interactive Tests...|GPS)
    work for anybody? Mine searches and says that no signal was detected despite the fact that Sprint Navigation works.
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    ^^If Sprint Navigation can get an accurate location via GPS then the GPS test should detect a signal. I've never had it not detect a signal (in the open).
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    Mine does it everyonce and awhile too but not off a few miles, more like 460 miles, Im in Oklahoma City and sometimes it like to tell me Im in San Antonio, Tx
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    After reading the update to blessedkdg's post above I began playing around with with the Auto Locate settings and running the Interactive Test on the GPS.

    On my phone the Interactive test reports "NO signal was detected" if Auto Locate is set to "Off". I am assuming that the test then was programmed not to prompt the user to turn it on for the session like the apps.

    I am just curious what most users keep the following settings on and why?
    Auto Locate, GPS, Google Services
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    I've been using GolfPinFinder for the past several weeks playing golf and it almost always locks on very quickly and gets down to a 3.3 yard accuracy. I think part of the problems may be the metal of the car and I have NEVER liked Sprint's Nav -- sure it's free, but you get what you pay for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirRob94 View Post
    I am just curious what most users keep the following settings on and why?
    Auto Locate, GPS, Google Services
    I use the GPS and other location-based services quite a bit so I keep auto locate on. It's just one less step to go through. It does drain the battery faster but with the 2600mah model I have, it's a moot issue.
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