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       #1 most palm pre users might know..when you got to your videos on the pre it has a video already called Palm Pre which is 52 seconds long..

    my question do i get a video from my computer to my videos on the pre

    when i connect the usb and look at all the files on the phone i see the 2 videos i transfered but yet when i disconnect i cant seem to find them anywhere on the phone

    what can i do??

    are they not formatted properly? are they too long???

    lastly, if someone sends me a video message is there some way to save it to ur phone?

    please help
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    Check your formating. The Pre searches all files and folders of the USB partition to make up its music, video, photo, and documents lists. If its not showing up YOU messed up. So just convert and try again.
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    What format are you using? It's gotta be supported.

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