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    Wonder if anyone else experiences a loud squeal through the headset when they are on the move and if so has anyone found a fix? Mine give a high pitched scream if I have the phone in my pocket and the headset in during a call... everything works fine if the phone is set carefully on a desktop but the connection must wiggle a bit when on the move and the sound is loud enough that the folks on the other side of the line say it blows out their ears. I've never had this on another phone... other than that this device is pure joy. thanks for any thoughts...
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    It happens when your headset gets slightly unplugged from the phone. Call voicemail to test it out. Pull the headset out of the jack halfway and you will hear it.
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    thanks. Exactly. What tricks have you found to keep it in? Doesn't take much movement to shake it loose and as I mentioned, never had that experience on any of my previous phones...
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    Could be the headset plug. Mine does not shake loose by itself. It has to get caught on something (like a car door.. OUCH) for it to pull itself out. Try using a clip that you can find on some head phones to clip the wire to your pocket making sure to give the wire some slack in your pocket.

    I used my old Samsung Instinct headset clip. Its one of those clips that goes on the main single wire before the microphone.
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    I had this problem as well, but the earbuds' plug didn't come out of the jack at all. It just squealed as it was firmly plugged in and I walked around. Initially I sidestepped the issue by getting an Altec Lansing Backbeat 903 wireless stereo Bluetooth headset. It worked well for about 3 wks (well, you have to keep the phone in your front pocket for it to maintain the signal the best), until it just died. Wouldn't turn on, wouldn't charge. Local Sprint store with repair shop exchanged both the phone and headset this week, and now I'm back in business! I'm sticking with the Backbeat headset, since I love not having to mess with the wires. You can get it at the Sprint store, and they'll give you 25% off if you're a Sprint Premier member. :-)
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    Sounds like you have a bad headphone jack. I would recommend returning the phone, a multimedia device should work in your pocket. My headphone jack went wonkey about 2 months in and I did a simple replacement from Just make sure you have the $7 a month insurance and its completely free to get the phone swapped. Even better, I put my order in for a replacement phone at 3 PM on a Thursday and had the new phone by 3 PM on Friday.
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    Funny you should mention the squeal. It is ear shattering. My pre started doing this a week ago. Even with the headset plugged fully into the jack, any slight movement or touch to the connection results in bleeding ear drums. I called Sprint and of course it did the screech with the phone op on the line. She moved me to the tech line and tomorrow I'm going to the local Sprint store to see if it can be repaired. If not, I'll be getting a replacement.

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