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    so let me get this str8 i ran the webos repair utility today. i have everything updated, webqi, preware, and webdoc,,,,,, i have alot of erros but my pre works fine. should i restore these files? and all my patches will work and my tweak?,,,,,,,and im getting an error (the system cannot find the file specified)
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    If it is that bad, you just may be better off backing up flies and pics on you PC and the doing a last backup with palm. After that just do the Web Doc, reinstall files from your backup and palm and then do webOS updates, programs and then tweaks.

    I did it after the latest update then reinstalled everything back. Found that the phone runs smother and is less buggy. I believe there was a lot of bad script in the WebOS programing since I was changing a lot of root and doing tweaks.
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    thats not a bad idea, basically back it up then wipe it clean. Sounds easy enough, thanks Still would like to know whats the error about and why its not working

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