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    Is there any way to edit or choose a preferred image for use in the Thumbnail Tiles for Bookmarks in the web browser home screen?

    Kind of irritating that the preloaded tiles are nice and neat, but any bookmarks you add personally aren't able to look as clean.

    Anyone figured this out yet?
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    There is a neat little trick you can do that basically follows the directions in this thread: "how-make-bookmark-icon-look-cooool"

    Here are the basic steps:

    • Open one browser card and google image search the logo you want to use
    • Keeping the first card open, open a second browser card and go to the site you want to bookmark
    • Go through the normal process to bookmark that site, but before saving it, just copy the url of the site
    • Switch back to the other browser card that is displaying the logo you want, and perform the same steps as though you are bookmarking the logo
    • Zoom and adjust the logo to fit within thumbnail (it's important to do this before the next step)
    • Before saving the bookmark of the logo, paste the url of the actual site
    • You now have a nice professional thumbnail for your book mark.

    All of the credit for this goes to MPre and the original thread listed.
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    Here is a screenshot of a few of the thumbnails I have to show as an example. None of the thumbnails came from the actual pages that the bookmaks point to...

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    Thanks, that's a neat trick but not quite what I'm referring to.

    I'm talking about the Thumbnail Images on the browser homescreen. When you launch your browser, there's a thumbnail image for all of your bookmarks. The preloaded ones are Facbeook, Myspace, ESPN, Palm, Sprint, etc... Those images are (I beleive) are a snapshot of the actual site, not an image you can set.

    My bookmark list looks much like yours in terms of the image quality. I zoom in on logos, etc... But the main browser launch screen is where I'd really like to controll the display of the bookmarks.

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