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    I have swiped off and hit delete for an SMS conversation with a particular person. The conversation is no longer on the list, however when I type the first letter of the person's name for a search through my SMS conversations, the supposedly deleted conversation magically appears in the list! I backspace and go back to the entire list, and the person magically disappears! When appeared, the entire converstation is still saved.

    Anyone have a similar problem or suggestion? Weird.

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    yup, its been a reported issue for some time. There is no way to fix it, except hope they come with a fix in a new version. All your messages are now going to be extremely hard to use. When a new message comes in, it won't show up on the messages list.

    The only way to fix it is webos doctor, or maybe a full erase, but I had to go to the doctor.
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    Try unlinking all profiles for that contact to see if it will let you delete the SMS.
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    I had the exact problem. Someone elses advice on another thread worked. They said, create another contact i.e. (test txt) and link the "deleted contact" to test txt. Then the convo should show up under test txt and you should be able to delete then unlink. It worked for me.
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    Here's what to do:
    - go to contacts and find that person's info
    - menu > send contact > via email (your own email is recommended) - this will be in vcard format
    - back to contacts and delete that contact > all profiles
    - retrieve the email and open vcard > add contact > new entry
    - you will now be able to see the convo with that contact in messaging
    - there is a message or two (or three) that gets corrupted during a convo delete so the whole thread is not deleted - go through each message and swipe (you don't need to confirm delete each time, just keep swiping). You will probably come across a message or two that will not delete - that's ok.
    - after deleting all the messages that can be deleted, try and delete the whole convo again and check to see if it's really gone by typing the initials in the convo list
    - if it's still there repeat the procedure above to make the convo show up in messaging again (hopefully you saved the email)
    - when the last undeletable messages come back, you will be able to delete them properly.

    It is tedious, but it does work. The problem is deleting very long convo threads - sometimes it works, most times no. So now I just keep the threads short - maybe a week's worth.

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