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    As I am loving audio podcasting on my Pre, I am beginning to get a bit peeved that I cannot watch video podcasting formatted by Quicktime. I also can't watch videos I've downloaded on iTunes that are specifically mpg4 files which I understand the Pre supports. Anyone has a clear understanding why the video player is on my Pre not playing these files?

    Any help is appreciate,
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    I am with you, I noticed a limited supply of video content available to my phone over others' who either have the iphone, playing quicktime and various other formats, where I cant play a darn thing that they can, or those who own pre-s that claim it runs quicktime. There must be a patch or something we are not aware of for download to make our players work better or work right...
    I get a "there's no handler for that file", ALOT, after it attempts to play it.
    I believe H.264/AVC, H.263 and mpeg4 are all I can run.
    unless you count .gif s.
    Which way to the java script for dummies thread ?

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