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    I am having a weird text messaging issue... It only happens to one person that I have noticed... but for this one person I can not see his texts on my text message screen. The only way I can see it is right after he sends me one or I send him one.. and it only happens for him... any one else have this issue?
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    I have this issue as well.

    If I go back from a conversation, the conversations list is blank when talking to one person. Yet when I send/receive a message to/from them, the history fills in.

    Other people, conversations stay on the list until I delete them.
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    This is a common problem and has been discussed a bunch of times here. Search for it.
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    I am having the same problem. Anyway to fix it?
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    I am having the same problem. Anyway to fix it?
    I searched for it and actually found a way. For the contact that is disappearing unlink the other profiles and link them back together. This fixed the issue for me
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    ! when i got a txt messages show the notification and i tap to go and see it but when it say more than one txt i tap to see the first one and then i cannot see the others one i go back and check and they are not there!!! .. and i dunno how to see the nes ones!! do i need to delete all my txt?? i think is bcuz once i delted the txt from some ppl and no when i got txt from that ppl it dosnt show in txt messages!!!

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