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    I looked for a thread about this but can't find one. If you know of one could you link it.

    I only run the standard lock on my phone. No pin to open. A few times including today I have looked down at my phone when in the truck and it has called 911. Today it was a 7:32 min call. Maybe the phone doesn't like my driving and is calling for

    Here is what I did today. While in the truck I called my wife to let her know I was on the road to come to her aid. She locked key in car. Set the phone on my lap still open but ended call. As I pulled into the lot, I went to call her again to find her and noticed I was on the line with 911. Ended the call and then solved her issue.

    So I ask is there some one key that is being hit or what gives.
    Again, Phone was open with dial pad showing. May have still been lit up. And laying on my lap.
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    I don't know if this is true of the Pre (won't get mine until the UK launch on Friday) but in the EU it is law for all phones to allow emergency calls even when the screen is locked and even if the only available networks are not native to the SIM (indeed, even if the SIM is expired or blocked, maybe even without a SIM). The upshot is most phones will dial and connect to 911, 999 and 112 (US, UK and EU emergency numbers) regardless of the lock state.

    I suspect that what is happening is that the keys '9', '1' and '1' are being 'pressed' and accepted because of the above even though other keys may be pressed in between. Anyone else seeing this on a Pre? I'll need to make sure not to leave mine on the dialpad in pocket if so.
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    Agree on the ability to call 911 with lock on. BUT it was not locked.

    Also for the phone to dial 9-1-1 all three numbers in that order with no other numbers would seem like I have to play the lotto. Find that really odd. Wounder if the "9" is held for a few seconds if that may do it?
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    Does the Pre not need a key to wake it up? On my Treo 680 if the phone is on the home screen but the keyguard has come on (set after a couple of minutes on mine) then the only keys that do anything are the centre button (to undo the screen guard) or the numbers 9 and 1 (i.e. the first digits of the 999 and 112 the two valid emergency numbers).

    I've just been trying on my Treo and, with the keyguard on I can press '9','9','9' with any other keys in between and it will dial 999. Likewise with 112. In other words, once this process starts you can press keys entirely randomly and you will eventually get put through to emergency services. The only reason this doesn't happen more often in my pocket is that you also have to press the power button before starting the sequence and the power goes off again after 5 seconds but if you hit power+9 within 5 seconds (with any other keys in between) you will start the dialing process. Not such an unlikely event.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finally Pre View Post
    I looked for a thread about this but can't find one. If you know of one could you link it.
    Here are a couple:

    Accidental 911

    911 - patch request

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