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    Hi there!

    I finally got mi Pre too. It's out in Germany since yesterday and the only thing that bugs me is, that there is no higher update than 1.1.3 available here.
    I would love to use 1.2.1 so i can use itunes with it.
    Is there a way to manually install the 1.2.1 Version. Maybe via Webos Doctor from Sprint or bell?
    And how can i download it? The site will not accept my serial number for other operators than o2 Germany.


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    If u search for webOS Quick install or the webOS repair utility there are links there that don't require you to put in your serial. Having said this I would not recommend doing this since these are made for the CDMA networks and you have a GSM phone. Even the Bell and Sprint on are configured differently and where you are going to run into some serious problems is most likely gonna be the phone and any data related apps
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    Ooooh! I didn't think about that. You're probably right. Too bad :-( I guess I have to wait for the o2 Update. Couldn't even find a way to downgrade my iTunes on Mac.

    But thank you for your quick answer.
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    Finally I found a way to downgrade iTunes to 8.2. Now everything works just fine :-)

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