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    ever since I tweaked led notif my battery is down to 60% after two hours of min web use... Can that really be the culprit? I have it off now but not uninstalled could that be why? Nothing else is set up to drain it...

    the battery was working very well until now
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    Possible that the phone is downloading the WebOS update?

    I noticed the same thing after my phone showed the 1.2.1 update was availalbe for download (must be something in the tweaks that tells the updater 1.2.1 isn't in the phone even though it's already been installed).
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    twice in the past two weeks I've put my phone in pocket with 80% charge only to pull it out a couple of hours later with it completely dead. I have led notif enabled as well, not sure if that's the culprit. I also had the word whirl game open in a card, that's my other guess.
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    I'm now down to 46 something is seriously wrong
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    Try a reboot and see if that clears it up.
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    When I tried the LED notification tweak, the same thing happened to me. I removed it and everything went back to normal.
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    For what it's worth, I've got the LED notification patch installed and the battery isn't affected in the slightest.
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    Same thing happened to me with the LED notifications enabled. I turned it off and now my battery is back to normal. If I sign into GTalk or AIM, though, my battery is totally dead in 3 hours with zero use. Kinda sucks.
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    Confirmed: Removing the entire tweak for LED notifications (making sure that it was off in screen & lock first prior) and removing it using WebOsQI (unchecking it and letting Pre reboot) in combination with the Min brightness tweak has brought my battery back to life again ...

    Very strange how LED does something to completely drain the hell out of the battery, i was losing something like 20-30% every 2hrs
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    The only thing that seems to have killed the battery for me was "Where is my pre" and "cell stalker." I have since then uninstalled them and it helped a lot. After that, I uninstalled the LED notifications and haven't noticed much of a change.
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