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    my keyboard creaks, it did it worse with my old TS cover, it has improved with the replacement though
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    In my experience with qwety slide out phones that have removable backs such as the G1 on T-Mobile, squeking is the norm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    I think you might have cracked close to usb port. It's been reported.
    No crack that I can see, I can the battery cover off and squeeze about where the middle screw is and it clicks. Seems to be in the circuit boards. It also does not do it when the slidder is open but yet the phone has not oreo. I think its normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreengdub
    I think I got a crappy Innocase. The cut outs for the volume rocker and usb port are bowed out and don't fit it flush. I've contaced Seidio but they haven't gotten back to me
    Hi meangreengdub,

    We apologize for the problems you are having with your Innocase. Please PM us your order information and we will see what we can do for you!

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


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    Man the creaking keyboard has really bothered me since I got this phone. I've gotten used to it though but the TS back def did not help. I came from an iphone so it just feels less solid and not as well built. Then again I don't expect it to be since it has moving parts. I need to get a replacement soon, i'll see if the new one is as bad and maybe try a few tricks on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meangreengdub View Post
    I think I got a crappy Innocase. The cut outs for the volume rocker and usb port are bowed out and don't fit it flush. I've contaced Seidio but they haven't gotten back to me
    How did you contact them? Did you fill out that RMA form from their website? Seidio has always been pretty punctual when replying to my complaints...usually within 3 days. My first Innocase had a broken tab right above the usb port on the front cover and I received a new one without having to return the old one.
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    I just put a tiny piece of paper under the cover on each side down toward the keyboard. Try and get it to wrap with the cover to where it's almost peaking out the sides. Creaks are gone for me.

    Approx size of the paper on each side: 1cm x 5cm

    Easy fix with no tape or glue. Just stick some paper under there and you're good to go.
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    what about the snapping noise can somebody else try to see if theirs does it?

    Just got my replacement TS battery cover and it seems to be a bit more sturdy, I did how ever leave the tape in there for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strudel View Post
    Sweet, this did the trick for me. I have a touchstone back cover that was getting really creaky and putting the back cover on as you suggested eliminated 95% of the creaking.
    dude, that worked. on the pre plus. brilliant. i did it first without hooking the top and it didn't work then i reread and hooked the top first, and it worked. awesome, now i just need to just get rid of the creaky floor noise at the top left corner when the keyboard is shut. anyone? i'm still perusing the forums.
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    I had an issue with a creaking keyboard when I'd press down on one of the keys. My solution was to tighten the torx screws on the bottom of my pre underneath the cover. This seemed to fix the problem.
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