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    I have a bluetooth headset that charges itself in any kind of light.
    Palm Pre (her)
    Palm Pre (his)
    I have Sprint and proud of it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by joetemp75 View Post
    thats nothing new since the 1.3 update my phone never dies
    Lotsa **** around here.

    That happened to me this morning, did a soft reset and all was ok, until it wanted to update to 1.2.1 again.

    I started downloading, then remembered I need to uninstall my patches first. So I fired up preware and guess what! Preware is broke! It just says upgrading, then I get a low memory too many cards (without any thing else open) then the Pre resets.

    So now I'm gonna update with patches installed. Wish me luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    I've been having problems with 1.3 - while the battery life is normally a whole lot better, using the "Instant On" radar function drains it pretty fast. That's a problem, since I have a whole lot of police that patrol my area, and if a cop car with radar drives by my house it sets the phone off even when I'm sitting at home watching TV. Have you heard if there's a patch coming out yet? That would help my battery life!
    roflmao thats a good one!!
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    The vibrator in your pants have an induction charger too? Maybe the Pre and the vibrator are mating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bori420 View Post
    motorola developed a wireless charger it uses the radiowaves i think and turns it into energy they haven't gotten to the point of keeping a cell phone on but they are on there way. look it up i saw it on yahoo news a while ago.
    It was Nokia. And you're right, it can't run the phone by itself (ie without a battery), but it can recharge the battery, so in theory, you could use it indefinitely. Although, with the way I (and I think a lot of users on these forums) use my Pre, this wouldn't be enough to recharge the battery.

    Prototype Nokia phone recharges without wires : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech
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