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    I'll admit to being basically a music player noob. Probably not even that "advanced", since I basically don't do it.

    However, I had an experience that caught my attention, and I just don't know if it's something new, or has always been there and I didn't know it.

    I'd just applied the patch to do individual SMS alerts, and went to a web site I like to use to create some custom alerts for family and work (Side note, check out AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech: Demo , it's pretty cool).

    When I selected SPEAK from the website (which plays the .wav file you're creating), I got a prompt to update Windows Media Player. I did that, created my custom messages, and got ready to transfer them to the Pre.

    Just because there was no compelling reason to close it, I left Windows Media Player open. When I plugged in the Pre, I got a prompt about scanning for files from Media Player (in addition to the regular Windows explorer prompt). I selected "Add files later", but was surprised when I saw that the Windows Media Player was allowing me to sync play lists, song files, etc. to the Pre.

    Has this been there all along?
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    Interesting. I think though that Windows Media player syncs to any external USB device that has music or video on it be it a flash drive, card, etc. Thats my take on it.
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    It's been there the whole time (not sure what version of WMP I'm running, 12 maybe since I have Windows 7). Its what I use until DoubleTwist releases the new version with fixed Pre syncing and the Amazon MP3 store.

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