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    I posted this in the PreWare thread but nobody responded to it......

    Just trying to get final verification. WebOSQI just came out with v.2.8. My question is, since I have PreWare is there any reason that I would ever need to use WEBOSQI again short of having to completely reset my phone to factory defaults and having to reinstall PreWare via WebOSQI?

    I can't think of any reason aside from the one listed above to ever need WebOSQI again since PreWare can update itself when new versions come out and it seems that any homebrew applications and tweaks that are available are available in both preWare and WebOSQI.

    Am I missing something or is this a correct assumption? Thanks.
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    I would agree, except for patches like the Personal Avatar, which require you to send a file to the Pre.

    But for the most part--yes.

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