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    hey when you upload a picture to facebook using the upload feature how can you add a caption to the photo?

    when looking at pictures on facebook how can you view or make comments?

    when sending text messages or emails how where is the spell checker?

    Is there a way to sync the contacts (that you have saved on your phone or chosen as your default contact book) with facebook or AIM with out importing you whole damn friend/Buddy list to your phone..
    I'de like the contact i have now to be updated with current facebook pictures and info like the blackberry facebook apps does..

    wzup with the batter life my phone last a good 6 hours then its dead with low light and a good sig!!
    not having yahoo messenger is killing me any one have any work arounds for this?

    is there a way to be signed into AIM with out having all of the AIM contacts show up in you phone book? is there a way to atleast only shoe ONLINE contact in your contacts?

    my phone gets HOT as hell when its in the charger does any body else?

    is there a way to some how get you notes from a black berry and sync them with the pre's notes?
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    Everything in your post has been addressed in numerous threads. If you use the search feature you'll uncover a treasure trove of answers to your specific questions and all sorts of useful knowledge about the hardware, software, and apps.

    Explore the boards & have fun!
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    this is the best work around for yahoo msngr I've found, each contact seems to have their own unique number, & you get messages without having to keep a card open & refreshing(like the web based apps)...I understand they will be adding yahoo IM to synergy...someday...until then, I'll use this.

    Yahoo! Messenger for SMS
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    This looks like a compilation of someone's "let's see what I can find wrong with the Pre" list, rather than a genuine search for help. It if is genuine, then I'd suggest searching first, then posting individual threads for each remaining problem.

    From looking at the join date and the number of posts, let's just say I'm ... skeptical ... about that happening.
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    naw im not trying to bash it i love the phone just didn't see much search other wish list and bug list and questions asking when yahoo was coming out.
    and a buch of things to do to make the battery life better

    but i seen nothing on the facebook contact or picture comment issue
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    Try this for facebook pictures...

    1. Create a FB contacts account on your Pre.
    2. Let it import all your FB contacts.
    3. Some will link to existing contacts automatically, but some it might not get right so manually link those that don't get done right automatically.
    4. Now your contacts should have FB pictures, if they were publicly viewable.
    5. Delete the FB contacts account from your Pre.
    6. See if the assigned pictures remain for your existing contacts even after you've deleted the account.

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    it wil not let me delete facebook contact from my contact list it say "facebook profiles can not be deleted"
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    Sorry I do not mean to delete individual FB contacts. I mean to delete the FB account from within your Contact Preferences&Accounts screen.

    This will get rid of all the facebook contacts you don't want.

    But I'm thinking that for the existing contacts you had, that were linked to a facebook profile with a picture, that the picture will remain with the existing contact.

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    no i've tried that

    its keeps some not all
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    Oh well it was worth a shot.

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