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    just FYI,...

    Fixster seems a tad more polished on the surface
    AccuRadio... has more genres (??)
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    I haven't updated yet, but I used AccuRadio for a prolonged time for the first time today. I listend to the Top 40 station, and it managed to repeat 2 songs in 30 mins of listening!

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    We now have favorite channels in AccuRadio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    We now have favorite channels in AccuRadio.
    Awesome!! This is the best app by far. I deleted Pandora.
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    Flixster still takes forever to load, some movie pages are taking forever to load. But they did fix the showtime issue.
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    updating now! thanks
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    I tried it today and really liked it
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    Flixster is fixed, I can now see showtimes for my local theater!
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    very happy about flixter being fixed... i was about two days away from giving up on an update and moving on to fandango... also my flixter doesn't run slow at all, actually loads everything pretty instant after the initial bootscreen

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