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    1. Does it requre a plan to use?
    2. Statement: its like 800.00 on ebay! wow!
    3. If i turn it on do i have to log into a palm profile?
    4. If i use it on any carrier, will the app store be the same?
    5. Thank in advance for helping me out.
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    1. No, but without a plan it will be a lot less useful. You at least need wifi.
    2. It'll probably be cheaper, but the USD is 1.48 for 1 euro. So EUR 480 (German price) = $ 720.
    3. I think you do. But there are hacks for provider checks, like Sprint's.
    4. I think it depends on the country the phone is from. Outside the US there currently aren't paid apps. Plus, I think developers can set the countries their app will be available in. Some currently say "for distribution in US only" or something. A couple of German only apps are not available in the US.
    5. No prob.

    Maybe other people can confirm 3 and 4.

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