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    OK..after reading the many posts and this great forum , I went to a Sprint store today to get my grat new Pre...I was checking out the demo and asked the sales rep how bright the keyboard was, as I was unable to determine it in the well-lit store...The rep tells e the Pre keyboards are NOT backlit! Huh? I left...can anyone tell me IF it is backlit and is the vidibility decent in the dark? Thnx!
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    They do light up and are very easy to see/read in low light conditions
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    The backlighted keyboard works well.
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    Its been stated that Dan Hessey's son was given a phone to play with and evaluate and told dad he and his friends would never have a phone w/o a backlit k/b so he mandated it.

    Urban Legend? Who really knows....But sprint doesn't have a phone w/o a backlit k/b.
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    They keyboard is perfectly viewable in the darkness.
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    i've noticed that most reps don't have the product knowledge of the phone when compared to the folks on here. it's probably best to research here rather than talking to one of them. but to answer your question, yes, it has a backlit keyboard. it's not the brightest, but i like the subtlety of it and it works. also, if i were you, i would purchase from bestbuy instead to steer away from the mail-in rebate that a sprint store requires.
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    lol the sprint rep was probably messing with you, you just didn't notice the joke. What phone doesn't have backlit keyboard?
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    The phone most certainly ha a backlit keyboard. Until it decides to stop working, that is. Mine died last night. Just the backlight, not the keyboard, and I'm just outside of my 30 days. Fun.
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    The keyboard brightness and screen brightness are both controlled by one slider in the Screen and Lock preferences.

    When turned down the whole way, the screen is still rather bright, and the keyboard practically invisible. It makes typing in a dark vehicle at night almost impossible, and looking back and forth from the keyboard to the too bright screen causes eyestrain.

    Developer zinge has created a great little app in the Homebrew section called, appropriately, Brightness Unlinked. It uses two sliders, one for keyboard brightness, and another for screen brightness. Problem solved. It runs in the background/dashboard. I use it every night.
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    "How bright the keyboard is"??

    What kind of question is that? Why not a "Does the keyboard light up?"...a simple yes/no question. How would you answer a question such as "How bright is the keyboard"??
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    Thanks everyone...I couldn't imagine this keyboard not lighting. I tried putting my hand over it to see if there was any light shining..none...perhaps it was turned down. Currently have Treo 750WX with very bright keyboard.
    Quis89...I have had some phones where the keyboard was very dim and difficult to see at night, therefore my question....
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    to answer the question: at lowest levels you can't see the keyboard light if there is light in the room, but if there is light in the room you can see the keyys fine anyway. In a dark environment the key are bright enough you can see them fine. Otherwords it works as it should.

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