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    Quote Originally Posted by lite blue View Post
    really if you want a google voice account and are willing to pay about $7.
    Here is one for $2.75
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    Here is one for $2.75
    Or you can wait cause soon people will be able to be invited from someone that has google voice already

    Coming soon: Invite friends to use Google Voice
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    We need visual voice mail! Lets go sprint!
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    This is the BIGGEST thing I miss from my iphone (besides the thousand of ridiculously awesome apps). I really hate voicemails in general so I would love to see them in a list and delete without going through the damn voice menu.
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    Yes but you can't use Google v-mail in Canada, so we really need Palm to step up to the plate with either visual v-mail or quite simply voice dial.

    I've stated many times that there are new laws coming that will prohibit users from talking on the phone while driving unless it is with a hands free device of some sort.....well that law takes place October 26th in Ontario. Of course the hands free device at this point will only allow you to make a call not place one, so dialing a phone could cost you $250.00 if you get caught.

    Speaking from a selfish stand point of view, I think that Palm should work on this issue first and not worry about trying to make Google Maps work in landscape mode and other non essential tweaks that others are begging for.

    Of course that's just my wish and opinion as I know that others have different wishes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Mine took a month
    Visor/Sprint Springboard Expansion Module > Visor Platinum > Tungsten E > Centro (work) > Palm Pre
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