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    Hi Friends,

    Can anyone explain in english how to use the palm pre as a modem for my desktop using usb cable.

    I have a windows xp desktop. Instructions say I need something called root and I don't know what to install on my pre and what to install on my desktop.

    I would really appreciate a step by step for my scenario. (windows xp desktop via usb connection). At this point i don't want to be confused by all the options such as bluetooth.
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    Still a little confused on one step. What is a gumstix? Is that the palm pre?
    What does this mean....
    power up your gumstix with the serial console. When you can see the login prompt, plug the USB cable into the Windows XP machine and the gumstix
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    ignore that if u have the usbnet.inf in your pc just install it if not is here!
    if u still have problems p.m ill help you!
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    Thank you....i'll try when I get home.

    Is their another way to contact you such as email or phone.

    Its really hard for me to go to palmcentral on my pre and communicate like this. I don't have internet access at home.

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