View Poll Results: How long did it take for your slideout to loosen with contiuous use?

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  • One (1) Month

    14 56.00%
  • Three (3) Months

    4 16.00%
  • Six (6) Months

    0 0%
  • Over Six (6) Months

    7 28.00%
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    I have had my Pre for about a month and a half now. I love the user experience EXCECPT for the slide out keyboard. It has gotten more loose over the last week and a half. I keep it in the small leather pouch that came with the phone and keep that in my pocket. I am really disappointed since it just seems that the phone is just poorly built or uses cheap plastic for the slider. It should use a good solid aluminium track that won't give as much. Just seems like something that Palm significantly overlooked.

    Would be interested to see how many other users have also had the slideout problem.
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    Where is the option for it never loosening? Also, the phone hasn't been out for 6 months yet...
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    I have a tough time openning up my sliding keyboard with just my thumb.. it like sticks
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    No loosening, 4 months and counting. (I use 2 thumbs.)
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    Keyboard is as solid as opening day. You should edit your poll to add a "no problem yet" option.
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    If it is still tight, one could make the case for the time being 'over six months'... ;-)
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    Mine also loose and only 1 week .I will be taking it back to Best buy to see i can change for another one.
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    Where is the N/A choice?
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    Had mine for a month now, no loosening..
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    Mine started loosening after one month, but has not loosened any further
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    Loosening? Not at all.. I have the oreo effect, but the slide is nice and tight, still makes that awesome noise.
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    Mine is solid, even after dropping it a few times. Exchange it if you have a serious problem.
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    I've had mine for about 6 weeks. It has a slight oreo effect, less than 1mm and is hardly noticeable, but the slider itself is nice and tight. As others have mentioned I always open my slider with both thumbs, placed roughly half way up on either side of the screen. I like that nice little Star Trek door opening whoosh sound it makes when it opens up.
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    Like Borat said It's tight like man's anus
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyq9c View Post
    Like Borat said It's tight like man's anus
    Mines more like sleeve of wizard

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