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    I can hardly beleive it!!

    I noticed this am where the turn on/off button is my screen has 3 tiny cracks.

    I treat this thing like a baby. It has never been dropped.

    What is going on now? I finally figure out all this WEB-OS crap to download. And now this. I am sure I will be charged $100 to replace.

    Any one else having problems with cracking screens?
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    Yep, I have a crack on the left side of my pre not on the screen yet. I took my phone to sprint for the gps acting funny and they wouldn't do anything because of this crack. Phone hasn't been dropped, the crack just showed up one day.

    It is a launch day pre, but overall im pretty ****ed cause they can't do anything beyond a reset for my gps not finding itself. Not really sure what I'm gonna do because I definitely don't want to pay the 100 bucks for a new one.
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    if no physical damage on the device is shown such as marks from a scratch on the screel like if someone dropped it then you can get it replaced. I worked hard to get it into the known issues at sprint ATS department. As a matter of fact it just went in last week as the known issue and they have pictures of what it looks like too.
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    I had the same problem. I took my back to a sprint retail store and they replaced it free of charge.
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    I just got mine replaced because a crack magically appeared in the upper left corner.. The store I went too at first said cracks are not cover.. She turned and asked the guy behind her and he said yup they are covered...

    Now that I got my replacement I'm having a hard time getting another Zagg screen protector the screen feels so nice and slick without it... Any other good screen protectors that have that factory slick feel to them??
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    is it a full fledged crack? or just looks like paint cracking or spiderwebbing?
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    So was the replacement with or without the insurance?
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    I just had a corner chip off on mine like completely out of the blue...the plastics on this thing are starting to scare me!
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    Thanks, good information to know.
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    i got my new refurbished phone after (5 days waithing) the firts one get a crack in (6 days of use) it was the right corner and i dont pay nothing i have insure but why this happend is over heat the problem the crack looks like coming from inside the phone and why refurbished phone i hope this one dont crack. good luck whit yours
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    Its cracking looks like spide webbing. ???
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    My screen cracked and called Sprint, they said it was a known defect. so they sent me a refurb. one and this one has the oreo effect BAD! Trying to see what I can do to get a NEW one sent to me............ I'll keep y'all posted
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    Spiderweb problem here. Gonna go into Sprint Store to see if I can get a new stupid. Never dropped it or anything.

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