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    hello all
    searched for Airave but just found posts related to getting it for free (like I did) after complaining. No technical discussions.

    So I wonder if I need to change anything in my router to make it work "better". I think it is working fine here at home, although I cant really tell (other than *99 telling me I am in Airave range).

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    If you got full bars in house and clear calling, then there's not much more to do.

    If you can't tell its working fine, then perhaps you never needed it?
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    definitely needed it. I used to have to sit still in one corner to try to achieve 1 bar.
    It's working fine, so no worries.

    I am a fan of better and faster, so I asked.
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    I can't think of any change that's necessary in your router. But when I first got my Airrave I was on a medium-speed DSL connection and that sometimes was not fast enough (like when my daughter was streaming YouTube at the same time I was on the phone). I've since upgraded to FIOS and have had no problems with call quality since then.

    The one other thing to remember is that you won't get EVDO with Airrave, only the "1x" network, so you should use WiFi with the Pre while you're at home (which you should probably do anyway, even if you had good reception).
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    You will know if you are using the Airave when you place a call. You will hear a small beep/tone right before you start hearing the ring tone when placing a call. If you walk out of range, you will hear another beep/tone during the call.

    You can walk out of a connection with the Airave and then automatically switch to the towers, but you can not walk into an Airave connection once you are using the towers.

    The airware is working correctly if all of all the status lights are blue. Sometimes it takes the airave and hour to get a GPS signal. Place it in a location where it has access, like a wall of the house or window. You do not want to have it chilling in a basement where it may not get a GPS signal.

    Just incase you are wondering, it needs a GPS signal to know that you are not trying to use the Airave in an unsupported area, like in a different country where Sprint has no service.

    The airave takes your 1x connection and pushes it through VOIP over the internet. The airave creates a VPN to sprint, so you don't have to worry about any man in the middle senarios. It is very safe, the VPN is also encrypted.
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    I received my Airave a few months ago. I set it up in about 10 minutes flat. It took about 45 minutes for it to process itself and I've been up and running ever since. It beeps at you to let you know the call is running through the Airave at the beginning of every call (incoming or outgoing) and from there, its no different than talking on towers.

    I wish I had another one though because I also cannot get any service in the building where I work.

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