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    So my second Palm Pre now has a touchscreen that works intermttently. Right now it is working, but it stopped several times yesterday and the day before. I called Sprint, and then visited a repair center and they have ordered me a new one.

    6 weeks ago when my first Pre failed i learned my lesson about trusting the Palm Pre backup or 'cloud' i think its called on here so I have only been using Google for my contact and calndar (which means i wont lose all 400 again!) I am however afraid that my task and memos wont transfer over as they should. I will also lose all my homebrew apps and songs.

    This wouldn't be such a big issue except I am tired of having to buy new screen protectors because the Pre is a piece of garbage (wishing i got an iphone instead). Also, I don't own a computer at home that I can do all the transferring of files to etc (used a friends to put music on, homebrewed apps etc).

    Should i just keep my pre and hope the screen continues to work this time, and just deal with it when it doesn't? I am just so tired of updating my new phone every month!

    I hate Sprint and the Pre right now...
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    Ending up getting a replacement phone as the touchscreen kept acting up. I did find that opening the slider rapidly for a couple of seconds would make the screen work temporarily though.

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