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    Don't take this thread as flame-bait, ok?

    I really wanted to buy a Pre, as I find webOS really cool, but after hearing that it will cost 480 with no contract, I'm going to have to go with N900's 800*480 screen, 32 GB of flash (expandable) and 5Mpixel camera that can record high-res video.

    I hope a cheaper webOS device comes along, as the platform shows promise. But at this price, I don't expect it to be a success in Europe (or Portugal, at least) - which is a shame.
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    How much is the N900 selling for compared to the Pre?
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    It sells for 540€, in Portugal - and, given the difference, you must agree it packs more value :| Palm should have more aggressive pricing, especially since the Pre is supposed to kickstart a new line of webOS devices (right?).
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    Does look nice. Hate landscape sliders though.
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    Same price huh...I would still go with the Pre. Nokia phones are nice and all, and very durable....BUT their OS (hope their new one is better then previous Simbian) and just functionality fall short in many areas. The touchscreen for one is crappy and hard to control...not very accurate and sensitivity is subpar. Plus the phone is bulky and a side slider...ugh. I would definitely go with the Pre if those were my only two options.
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    Thought it was a new OS based on Linux but i'm no expert on Nokia. I seem to remember its a resistive touch screen though.
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    The N900 (like its predecessors) uses Maemo which is a Nokia directed (?) Linux distribution. The N900 uses the new version. These are not bad Internet Tablet like devices. I like my N800. Too bad mine does not have a keyboard.

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